Aslan Lions and Youth Awards May 2012 (Sat 12 May): Report

Wed 16 May 2012

The Aslan Awards were held on Saturday 12 May at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster.

Held to celebrate the end of another season, the Awards provided an opportunity for forty youth aged 14 to 25 to relax, unwind and socialise with players and the coaches.

Medals and trophies were presented to the champions and stand-out participants of the Aslan Lions (16-25 year olds) and Youth (14-15 year olds) Leagues.

Aslan Lions League Champions: Team Caspian



Football in a controlled environment while Coach Rob looks on

Virtual football while Coach Mark looks on

Mixed fortunes for the virtual football participants while Coach Karl looks on

Taking a casual break from football

Wrapping up affairs while Coach Poovan (top-centre) looks on

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